Life is an amazing journey & in order to travel it well we have to embrace ourselves completely. These are the musings of a Curvy Girl enjoying the moments and learning to live her life one curve at a time. Buckle Up!


What is confidence? I’ve learned that it stems from within, it’s the belief that you ARE smart enough, pretty enough, good enough. It’s taken me years to build up the confidence in myself to love myself unconditionally & to see myself in a positive light regardless of my weight or size. 

Like many girls,I’ve been depressed because I could not reach the “ideal” weight. No matter how much I worked out or how fit I was someone was always “advising” me to lose weight and I believed it. I see pictures of myself now from when I was younger and I feel sad  because I know what I put myself through-the starving, unhealthy diets, the feelings of inadequacy, the self loathing. 

It has been a long road but with the support of a loving husband & inspiration through an amazing & strong plus size community I’ve finally found happiness with my body,with myself and it feels AMAZING!